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You searched and chose a mother for Your son
To begin Your work of holiness and grace
So in Your perfect timing You could give
The only way for us to see Your face

Just like that young girl did long ago
Taking on that burden from Your hand
I will say, “My God, I’m ready now”
And joyfully will carry out Your plan

Grace requires a willing vessel
So I submit myself to You
I won’t fight it, I won’t lose hope
‘Cause in Your hand I always know I will be
Let the grace that saves the world begin in me

Surrendering can make you feel afraid
Especially knowing there’s a price to pay
But knowing You will be there by my side,
To me, this walk with You ’s the only way

Holy, holy, You are worthy
I am overcome with praise
I will lift my heart in worship
Thank You, God, for choosing me