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  1. Our Love Story

From the recording Our Love Story


I remember the day I met You
I didn't expect to see You
Before I knew you, you knew me
And loved me, You loved me

You took my heart and You took my soul
With just one glance, You took it all
And I’m so glad You found me (2x)

This is (it’s) our love story (3x)
With no end (2x)

Lord, keep my heart forever
Tied with cords that won't sever
To see You, to know You, all I want is You
Near me, near me.

So, take my heart and take my soul
Leave nothing left. Take it all.
‘Cause I’m so glad You found me (2x)

You take me by surprise every time, every time
You’ve made me realize I was blind, I was blind
You’ve woken up my heart and now I see, now I see
Without You I don’t know where I’d be